Saturday, February 2, 2013

Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag?

Probably the only harm from [this] Sunday's Super Bowl will be indigestion and gambling debts; but a reader has noticed some disturbing omens.

"Something sinister is coming Feb. 3rd"


Below - Mercedes Benz ad in ESPN mag - nuclear explosion.

"This year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter. Set your soul free."

This will be the first Super Bowl held in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.

The address of the Super Dome is 330 [33] Loyola Ave. This is the 47th Super Bowl [4+7=11] held on 2-3-13 [2+3+1+3=9]=9-11.

The regional covers of Sports Illustrated are titled: There will be Blood and There Will be Gore and There Will Be a Valiant Last Stand.

The music used in the Mercedes commercial played during the A.F.C. Championship Game was the Rolling Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil and in the Mercedes commercial it is stated: "Something sinister is coming Feb. 3rd."

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More from a commenter to Henry Makow's post:  "Henry, just like the devil is in the details, when the Mercedes Benz advertisement is saying 'This year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter' with the year '13 in red it means that the fourth quarter of this 2013 year which starts from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 [may] see some thrilling events on a global scale."

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