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Dreams & Visions of A Multiple Comet/Asteroid Impact

Dimitri Duduman (1932-1997) was a Romanian pastor and evangelist who suffered years of intense persecution and torture for smuggling bibles into his own country and into communist Russia. In 1984, the American Consulate mediated on his behalf and granted him the privilege to live in the U.S., where he remained for the rest of his days. It was during his latter days while living in America that the Lord spoke to him of the coming judgment upon the country, which he faithfully delivered to as many as would hear his message. He foretold of a number of coming judgments upon America, the most popular of which includes a series of natural disasters that will plague the country as well as coming civil unrest and a foreign invasion of enemy nations that will destroy the nation.

This man of God received a very peculiar vision that I believe deserves our utmost attention. He envisioned that 3 comets will strike the Earth at some time in the future. I have to be honest in admitting that I didn't know what to think when I first read this prophecy. In actuality, I shrugged it off, not understanding or perhaps not believing it. Weeks later as I meditated before the Lord I was impelled in my spirit to return to it and review it again. This particular prophecy inspired me to do some research on the subject, and it was found that there are in fact a good number of believers who have also envisioned 3 objects from space that will some day strike the Earth. Some identify the objects as comets, while others foresee asteroids. While I generally do not know the testimonies of these other believers, I am definitely curious as to their reports and I believe that you would be as well.

The testimony of Dimitri Duduman was provided in a prior post on dreams and visions of a coming invasion of America, but I would like to repeat it here. His testimony is not only encouraging and inspiring, but it provides a solid foundation as to why we should all take heed to the things that he received as coming from the Lord. The scriptures testify that many in the latter days will indeed prophesy through dreams and visions. (Acts 2:17-18). The Lord also promised His people that He would do nothing without revealing it first to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7). Even so, believers should not be so na├»ve and undiscerning as to believe every word that men prophesy in the name of the Lord, because many false prophets are in the church. Instead, all are exhorted to test the spirits to determine whether they are truly of God. (1John 4:1). As I prayerfully listen to the testimony of this man, I hear the truth coming forth in a spirit of humility and sobriety. I hear a passionate call by him for the church to pray, to seek the face of God, and to turn from its apostate ways. These things convince me that the Lord’s people should prayerfully consider that he has indeed received from the Lord. His testimony was given on the Prophecy Club, and while I do not agree with some of what that organization purports, I do believe that it is a necessary hearing.

Full Testimony of Dimitri Duduman

The vision of 3 Earth-bound comets was given to Dimitri Duduman on May 25th, 1997, and is as follows:

“I saw an immense flower garden. The flowers were as tall as a man with a healthy stem, but the buds were blue and bent forward. Every flower only had one bud. A cloud suddenly appeared near the garden and it appeared to be very close to the ground. A man dressed in white stood on the cloud. He was slightly taller than a normal man and in his hand he had a trumpet in which he began to blow. The sounds that came out of this trumpet would turn into letters which would then turn into words in the sky and then ignite, burning up in the heavens. I did not understand the writing because it was an unknown tongue. I did, however, recognize that it was in Hebrew.

There were a handful of comets in the sky which looked to be peaceful. Suddenly three of them, all different sizes, began to head toward the earth. When they hit the ground, there was total devastation. As I looked up, the sky turned black and I saw thunder. The thunder was also black. A dark cloud lifted up and it began to rain. When I looked closer, I saw that it was not rain, but drops of blood. As I looked to my left, I saw another man standing on another cloud. He was very tall, dressed in white, with his hands raised high.  Each time he moved his hands, fireballs would come out of his fingers. I looked, awestruck, at the man's height and the way his face shone and radiated. Then a powerful voice said: ‘Remember what I have shown you. This will be the beginning of the pain that I will allow upon the earth.’"

There are a few specific points made in this prophecy that I would like to address. It is clear from the vision that the comets were not initially projected to hit the Earth, but at some point the trajectory changed for 3 of them. There are 2 types of comets that exist in the galaxy: those that reflect light and dark comets that do not reflect light. NASA's telescopes can detect the former at great distances and determine their trajectories, while the latter can go undetected clear up to moments before a possible impact. If Dimitri Duduman envisioned 3 light-reflecting comets that will suddenly change trajectories, then there should be ample warning beforehand. On the other hand, if he envisioned 3 dark comets, then there will be little to no warning before impact!

Another interesting detail is that he was told that this event will be the "beginning of the pain upon…the earth." The end-time Tribulation Period is known in scripture as "birth pains", which alludes to a time of trial and suffering much like a pregnant woman in labor. (1Thessalonians 5:2-3). In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus mentioned a series of events that would signal His soon return. He particularly foretold of a number of signs leading up to the desecration of the rebuilt Temple in Israel, and He mentioned a number of signs following it as well. Those events leading up to the desecration He identified as the “beginning of pains” (Matthew 24:8), while those events that follow after He identified as “great trials” or sufferings. (v.15-21). According to 2 of the gospel accounts, the signs that Christ gave concerning that initial time of the Tribulation leading up to the desecration of the Temple includes deception, war, famines, earthquakes, and pestilences. (Matthew 24: 3-8; Mark 13:4-8). The gospel of Luke added one more sign in addition to these not mentioned in the other two. Luke added that there would be "fearful sights and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:11). This added sign could be an allusion to falling comets and/or asteroids from the sky, which would place such a scenario within that time period known as the beginning of pains- just as Dimitri Duduman was told it would be!

One last detail given in his vision is the state of the garden of flowers that he saw. The symbolism clearly identifies the season of when this event will occur. Although a literal season may be alluded to in the vision, I am convinced that the state of the garden is symbolism of the prophetic season of this event. The scriptures indicate that the end-time Tribulation will be associated with the summer wheat harvest. (Matthew 13:39; Revelation 14:14-20). In the poetic Song of Solomon the return of the bridegroom, which scholars generally agree is an allusion to the return of Christ, occurs at the height of summer. (SS 2:8-13). Dimitri Duduman envisioned flower buds that are ready to be opened, which is a clear indication of the beginning of the summer season. In fact, it appears as if it is the very onset of the summer season! This prophetic picture leads me to believe that, not only may a comet strike occur in that period of time leading up to the desecration of the Temple, this event will likely be the trigger that initiates the summer harvest of the end. Thus, I believe that a future comet strike would be the “beginning of the pain upon the earth”, or, in other words, it would begin the end-time Tribulation Period.

The fact that a number of other believers have also envisioned a multiple strike of comets and/or asteroids gives further credence to this prophecy by Dimitri Duduman. Many of these other predictions are very detailed and provide geography as to the general areas where they will strike. There is an overall consensus among them that the 3 will strike in the North American region in and around the United States. Most of these see a strike off the East Coast that initiates a giant tsunami, which will particularly devastate the state of Florida. Some see a strike in the Gulf of Mexico, initiating a tsunami that will devastate the southern coastal areas of the country, including parts of east Texas. Others have told of a strike in the Pacific Ocean that causes a tsunami off of the West Coast of California. Incidentally, the destruction envisioned in some of these prophetic scenarios are strikingly similar to the coming catastrophe foreseen by a number of other believers. Please see a prior post for these details. Thus, is there an allusion to the same prophetic scenario! I’m not sure. What I do know is that this country is under the judgment of the Lord and that we need to be spiritually prepared at all times and ready for anything!

Below are links to a number of dreams and visions by believers of a coming comet or asteroid strike:

Links to Dreams & Visions of Multiple Comets/Asteroids Impacting the Earth

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I have found only one vision of a land strike. A Christian mother received a series of dreams of a comet that will strike in central Illinois. These series of dreams are as follows:

Three Dreams of a Comet Impact Near Charleston, IL


”I prayed. I basically asked God that if He was trying to get a message across, to please take the dreams from my daughter and give them to me. That one prayer was answered immediately, my daughter's nightmares stopped, and (within a couple of months) mine began. My dreams are not the same as my daughter's; however, I believe that they are connected.

In late May or early June of 2000, I had my first dream. My husband was driving my car, and my daughter and I were passengers. Driving down a country road, we passed a tall and shiny red barn on the right. Straight ahead was a grove of trees on the horizon. Suddenly, there was a huge upheaval of dust (like from an impact) swelling larger and larger. My mind told me ‘comet’, but I did not actually see what caused this impact. Unafraid, I knew that we would be killed instantly from the ensuing shock wave, and I told my husband, “We're going home.” (By "home", I mean heaven). When the shock wave hit us, I went from being affected by gravity one second, to being lighter than air the next. I was "in the spirit" floating straight up, and was actually disappointed in missing a glimpse of heaven, as my three-year-old daughter then awakened me.

On August 23, 2002, I had my second dream. This time, I was at a relative's house in Kansas, Illinois. Amongst the many people there, some (including my husband and daughter) were all dressed up. I had just left them, sitting at the kitchen table, to go to the front porch. A storm was brewing, with dark clouds, a warm breeze, lightning, and thunder. Several were on the front porch with me, and we were viewing the western sky. Suddenly, a loud boom and a fire told me that lightning must have struck Charleston, Illinois, which rests directly west of Kansas. But those around me soon horribly realized that the town itself was impacted by something huge. From my viewpoint, the fire grew to fill the entire horizon, and once again there was an ensuing dust cloud that grew ever larger. Knowing that this event would take all of our lives, I realized the individuals surrounding me knew it too - their anguished cries were more than I could bear. My daughter came running out the front door yelling for me, and as I grabbed her into my arms, the shockwave had reached us and we were ripped apart.

On January 8, 2004, I had my third dream. Once again, my husband and daughter were with me. It was a beautiful, warm day, and we were in Wal-Mart's parking lot located in Mattoon, Illinois, but part of the lot was a lake, and we were fishing out of it. This wasn't unusual from my perspective. Suddenly, I hooked such a big fish that I could not handle it, and I handed my pole to my friend Michael Landon. There was no knowledge of him being a deceased actor; he was simply my friend. Unexpectedly, a few people gaped at the western sky and started shrieking, using their hands over their eyes like visors. We all then stared into the sky, and witnessed a flaming comet. Being a huge, burning ball of rock, it was about the size of a large house. It sailed easterly overhead and impacted thunderously in the area of Charleston, the flames and debris growing so rapidly that all would be instantly destroyed from the ensuing shockwave. This was a very real and genuine experience, and I actually yelled, "It's really happening this time!" I then shouted to the panicking crowd, "Don't be afraid, just ask God to take you Home!"

The Christian mother who received these series of dreams was also given a message that the rest of the world will be told that the actual comet impact will be a terrorist attack. I find such a proposition perplexing! How can a comet strike be a terrorist attack? Incidentally, in the first video link above, a vision of a comet strike off the East Coast was said to have been foreknown by a billionaire who, unlike the masses, experienced no panic of the scenario whatsoever. It was said that this billionaire seemed to know beforehand that the event would happen! Thus, a question arises: will a future (potential) comet strike be foreknown by the privileged few but unknown by the common people? Could the threat of an Earth impact by multiple comets be suppressed by NASA and the government? Could there be a false flag deception associated with this event? My answer is that I don’t know, nor do I make any conclusions on the subject. However, anything is possible and nothing surprises me anymore! What is important is for the Lord’s people to be alert and ready for anything at any time, and it’s also pertinent that we be careful not to put our full trust in government or in the full and/or honest reporting of the mainstream media. Our trust must be in God and in Him alone! We must draw close to our Lord and stand firm upon the Rock of Christ!

NASA currently projects that there are no immediate or long-term threats of comets, asteroids, or large meteors to the planet. It admits, however, that a threat always exists of an unseen, dark comet striking the Earth, since dark comets cannot be seen by our telescopes. NASA also confirms that comets and asteroids can change course by the pull of gravity from a planet. Thus, any future fly-by comets and/or asteroids could be pulled closer to Earth by the pull of gravity. It is also possible, since God would use such an event in association with His judgment upon mankind, that the Lord could supernaturally redirect any future fly-by object or objects!
NASA daily tracks and updates info on all Near Earth Objects (NEO’s) for public viewing. The links below provide informative lists that are helpful in monitoring and tracking NEO's and all encounters of passing comets, asteroids, and meteors into the distant future.

Link to a List of Visual Comets in the Northern Hemisphere to 2017

Link to a List by NASA of NEO's to March, 2013

Link to a Chronological List of Asteroid & Comet Encounters to 2045

Link to a Chronological List of the Nearest Encounters to 2178

Although any object in space can pose a threat and change trajectory at any time, I would like to address the fact that 2 “Great Comets” will pass by in 2013. The first, PANSTARRS, will pass by in the spring, and the latter will pass during the holiday season at the end of the year. The latter comet, C/2012 S1 (ISON), is projected to be brighter than the moon and be seen by the entire world as it passes. There are reports that it will be comparable to the Great Comet of 1680, or even greater. Some say that it may be the greatest sight in all history! I also would like to address that a sizable asteroid, 2012 DA14, is currently projected to pass very close to the Earth in early 2013- in fact, it will pass so close that it will come within a number of orbiting satellites. I believe that all 3 of these objects are worth our consideration in light of the prophecies given by the people of God. Below are links to reports of these 3 objects:

Link to NASA on Asteroid 2012 DA14, Set to Pass in March, 2013

Links to Articles on 2 Great Comets to Pass in the Spring & Fall of 2013

If it is true that sometime in the future comets and/or asteroids will indeed strike the Earth, and in particular the North American Region, then the world and life as we know it will dramatically change! An event like this would cause such panic and chaos that martial law would have to be enacted and emergency powers given to the executive. The America as we have known it would abruptly end! It is also very possible that the enemy nations of the West would exploit such an opportunity. Recall that Dimitri Duduman, as well as a host of other believers including Henry Gruver, envisioned a communist foreign invasion and takeover of the country. Please see a prior post for these details. Such an event as a comet strike upon the North American continent would so weaken the United States that her enemies (China, Russia, and the Arab World) may seize the opportunity to strike America and finish her! Dimitri Duduman specifically saw these 3 entities, along with a few other communist nations, invade the country just after civil unrest and/or a civil war begins in the land. Could a comet impact be the trigger that sets the stage for these other scenarios? We can only speculate for now, but it seems more likely to me that a comet and/or asteroid strike envisioned by a number of believers will take place before the invasion of America and not after it. Only the Lord knows the order of these things and when they will take place, and it will all occur in His perfect order and timing. Our exhortation is to be spiritually and physically ready for any of these scenarios to take place at any moment!

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